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What is Opidemic.help?

Opidemic.help is "Your Answer Machine" to the "TOP" questions asked regarding pain and addiction. Opidemic is a word coined by the overlap of the words "opioid" and "epidemic." At Opidemic.help learn what are the latest breakthroughs, solutions and lifesaving insights in confronting the realities of the disease.

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- compendium of writings by Dr. Kimber Rotchford on Opioid Epidemic

War On Brains
- critique of modern-day Opium War in USA

Health Care Is a Pain
- satirical website on health care vs. pain care

It Is Not the Drug
- the drug does not cause the epidemic. You do

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- caricature spokesman for solutions to the opioid epidemic

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- national leader in treating pain and addiction

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- doctor on "cutting edge" in opioid treatment solutions

Handouts by Dr Rotchford
- 50+ articles by Dr. Rotchford on Pain and Addiction

Youra Media is a leader in providing, accurate and up-to-date information on pressing topics affecting social problems. This blog is dedicated to finding answers to help our response to the opioid crisis. Today (Thur. Oct 26, 2017) President Trump challenged the medical institutions and pharmaceutical industry to find non-addictive solutions to managing pain without dependence on the addictive opioids currently prescribed as painkillers.

The most exciting candidate to meet the president's challenge is marijuana, more specifically the cannabinol compounds present in cannabis. Researchers at leading medical research centers are discovering that, of the 140 compounds in cannabis, cannabinoids have the ability to lessen the cravings for opioids in the brains of those addicted to opioids. The plant's chemicals do not have the addictive or deadly consequences as in opioid painkillers.

Health Care is a Pain

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